Google Optimization

As you probably already know, Google is the master of all Search Engines. In 2018, the average number of searches per day on Google are near 10 Billion! Out of those 10 Billion searches, hundreds or maybe even thousands of potential customers are searching for your product or service. If you are not advertising and ranking on Google, you are likely missing out on thousands of customers per day.

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Believe it or not, in 2018, YouTube is ranked second among most used search engines, after Google; Bing is third on the list.  Bing and similar Search Engines, work almost identically to Google. These are great places to advertise also. YouTube has great advantages for Brands with an online video presence. For example, on youtube your ads are featured in videos that are relevant to your topic;  you can capture competitors audiences with ease, if you market correctly. This is where Colson Media can assist you. We grasp how these Search Engines work, and we understand how to optimize each of them, for your success.

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Organic Leads are natural; you didn't have to pay by the click. Organic leads are usually the result of Great SEO strategies. Organic customers will find you in the places where they expect to find you, such as on the first page of Google. With great SEO, comes great exposure!  Colson Media analyzes your SEO needs, and creates a personalized SEO strategy that will bring REAL RESULTS!




Optimizing your Website is SEO. By finding the most searched keywords in your niche, and then implementing those keywords into your Website, we will lead searchers directly to your page. That is why content is so important; CONTENT IS SEO! There is a lot of hard work that will go into getting your page optimized, but in the end when you are reaping the benefits, the hard work was worth it!