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"The generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business"

Leads are the life-line of any company, making Lead Generation  the most important aspect of your business. The more Leads you have, the more products or services you are most likely selling. So how does Colson Media create a Lead Generation system that will produce Leads on a consistent basis? By using the 3 tips below.



The Niche you do business in will determine the strategy we put into place. If you are business with an online presence, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing will produce the most relevant customers. We will start the process by reverse engineering your customers wants and needs. We then take that information and create an Ad Set that will be used for a specific product or service.


Customer acquisition

A Lead isn't a Lead until the customer has shown interest in your product or service. To break that down, how much does it cost for each customer? For this example we're going to say the Lead cost $5; for a customer to find your Website and purchase a product or service. The initial $5 for the Ad was only worth it if he ends up spending more than $5 . The Ad we created brought the customer to your Website, but can your Website handle being the one man sales team that it needs to be?



The Sale is the most important step in the Lead generating process. You need a Website that can move you and your company forward, everyday; A Website that can generate Leads and close deals automatically. Is it Possible? Yes. Automation of your Website is vital in creating your very own Lead Generation System.




Lead Generation


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