"The act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, or service."




 When it comes to running an Ad on Social Media for your business, there are many factors that come into play. When you are creating your Ad, you are trying to get more customers to purchase your product or service. Most people tend to think "the more people viewing my ad, the more I will sell", but that is just not the case.

 Here at Colson Media, we customize your ad to reach the customers that have the highest percentage of purchasing your product or service. By reverse engineering the customers wants, needs, and interests, we are able to target with high accuracy. You may be asking yourself "is there actually a formula to target my customers directly?" The answer is Yes, and Colson Media has perfected the formula!


Top Advertising platforms

1000 Business Owners were asked to submit a survey of their most used platform for advertising


Do you feel like you're not getting enough engagement on your Website or Social Media Platforms? If so, Colson Media can assist you. If you want your Website or Social Media platforms to thrive, you need exposure.  In 2018, Social Media is the #1 way to advertise; Search Engine as a close 2nd. You can now pay to reach the amount of viewers you want to have.  Lets say you just released a new product or service, you are going to want a ton of exposure to that Product or Service, right? That is where Ads For Engagement come in. Want to know the definitive price of your next Ad? Contact Us Below!



 The old school ways of advertising (Flyers, Magazines, Billboards, etc.) don't allow for live analytics. That is why there is such a HUGE advantage to advertising on Social Media and Search Engines. We've all thrown our hard earned money into advertising that didn't work, but not anymore.

 With Social Media and Search Engines, we can do what's called Rapid Experimentation. Rapid Experimentation is when you create a few different ads that might possibly work; then by spending small amounts of money, you see which ads are actually engaging to your targeted audience. After choosing the most successful Ad, we then scale that Ad up to reach the highest amount of potential customers for your budget.


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